Sunday, November 29, 2009

Apple Cup.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was the Apple Cup and yes that is the modern Huskies logo up at the top of my blog. The day that U of W and WSU have their big football game. This year both teams were very bad, with the Huskies being just a we bit better. Some were dubbing this the Crapple Cup as both teams are in know. I did not win much this year as not too many WSU fans are willing to bet on such a crummy team. I did win a free pizza (Thanks Stef!) and a few bucks from other friends. Did I forget to mention that the Huskies skunked the Cougars 30-0?

What else did I do on Apple Cup Saturday? I changed the oil in both Maren's car and in my mini-van. That is always tons of fun! Maren got to go out with her mom and sister Stef to shopping and lunch, so she had good day all around! Preston slept as he neglected to sleep at his overnight with his friends the night before, in fact at this moment he has been sleeping for like 15 hours straight.
See you tomorrow.

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