Saturday, November 21, 2009

Alex's birthday party

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday was a full day. I left work early to go to Lillie and Hansen's school to be an art docent in Lillie's class. Yesterday's assignment was on Surrealism and our art project was based on Miro. I started by talking for a moment on Surrealist painters and showing some of the famous Miro paintings. Then I passed out a large piece of paper to each desk as well as an assortment of pens, a glue stick, and a cut out of an orange circle that the students had to incorporate into their project. Then we made stick figures in action. The quick example I made was a funny guy skateboarding, the orange circle was one of the skateboard wheels. Some kids made the orange circle the sun, others the head, others the wheels of a skateboard. The kids had tons of fun and I think the project was a success.

Shortly after we got home, we loaded up the van along with John and Carol and headed over to the Oman's house for Alex's 11th birthday party. There were plenty of kids and plenty of relatives and we had a very nice time. Very good pizza, and very cood cake and ice-cream. They played a fun game sardines in the dark using only glow sticks. Good party. Here is a picture of Alex opening a present with Hansen peeking over his shoulder, friends in the forground, and the girls staying just a bit off on the right.

See you tomorrow.

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