Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Who do you want to be?

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Preston left this morning at 6:15am to go to "open gym" with all the basketball wannabees. His buddy Connor is going and going to try out for basketball. Preston is checking out open gym, and is considering trying out for basketball. He was always good as a little kid, but did not really love it like he does soccer.

Lillie spent some time after school drawing these pictures and asking about spelling and stuff. I had no idea what she was drawing, just thought she was making pictures. Then I spot these pictures on the refrigerator! The first one says "how I look", the second one says "how I want to look" She wants to go from curly blond hair and blue eyes to straight brown hair and brown eyes. Not sure what to think...we will see if she makes these changes to her hair and eyes as an adult, I think she is stuck like she is while she lives here.

Lillie also decided she did not want to do dance class anymore. She has been whining about going to dance since the end of last year. So we finally let her quit. When asking her what she does not like about dance, she just says "everything". I said, "let's be more specific." She said, "I don't even like to leap!" OK, done dancing. She is actually plenty busy and it may be for the best. She is taking piano lessons, singing in the church choir, and doing great in school. In fact Lillie was awarded the Student Of The Month Award for the first month of school at her new school! Way to go Lillie.

Yesterday while out and about, Hansen spotted this "X" in the middle of a sidewalk. We have no idea why it is there, we only know that it "marks the spot". Hansen would really like to start digging and see what he can find. Hansen may be a pirate at heart.
See you tomorrow.

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Amber and Aurora said...

Lillie! Tell Lillie she's perfect just the way she is - and that every girl with brown hair and brown eyes wishes she had blonde curly hair and blue eyes!!!