Monday, October 05, 2009

Tiara and frys.

Good morning, it is Monday.

This weekend, where do I start? Ok, I will start with Lillie and Claire. They had an overnight with Nana on Friday night. Saturday they went out for a real tea party with Nana and Grandma Sue in Marysville. They had a great time and got along well the entire time...considering they did not sleep much, that is great. I took this picture at 8:30am Saturday morning after I drove Lillie's tiara out to her at Nana's house because she had forgotten it and needed it to be matchers with Claire at the tea party (I was also delivering Claire's glasses left at our house). By the time we got Lillie back at 7:00pm on Saturday evening, the girls were still going strong, the same may not be true for Nana and Grandpa.

Friday afternoon Claire and Nana came to our house before heading to their overnight. As it turned out, Kraig was meeting up with Annie to go buy a new car after dropping off Claire. We ended up keeping Alex and Miles for the evening so Kraig and Annie could car shop in peace. Hansen and Alex are always delighted to spend time together, and Miles is just excited to be cruising around. Maren and I took all the boys out to dinner at Jack In The Box. Hansen and Alex were on bar stools by themselves having fun.
Miles was next to Preston being his silly little self. I had forgotten how much Four year olds at restaurants can really move! I don't think Miles ever actually sat still for more than the count of two. We were able to convince him to sit with us rather than the bar stool next to Hansen and Alex that he wanted.
Hansen and Preston also had soccer games this weekend. Hansen's team won 5-4, Preston's team ended the game in a 1-1 tie. Preston had an amazing play where he faked out two players, took the ball half the field, shot at goal, hit the upright, got his own rebound, faked out another player and took a second shot that just missed the top corner of the goal. Preston said the head referee came up to him as the goalie was chasing the ball and said that that was the best play she had ever seen in Preston's age group...coming from a quality ref from the eastside, that was a nice complement.
See you tomorrow.

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