Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Prowl

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Last night was the Pumpkin Prowl at Woodland Park Zoo. We met John, Carol, Stef, Mel, Court, Jack, Avery and 20,000 others there! Dude, it was crowded! But it was fun. We walked around a saw a few animals, tons of five year olds in very cute outfits, and a few fun performances. Oh yes, thousands of very cleverly carved pumpkins.

Lillie and Avery. Er, Snow White and Tinkerbell.
Lillie got to jump in the leaves with a few neighbor friends yesterday...always fun.
Here is a cute pic of Lillie in her costume...Don't bite the apple!
Here is a pic of some of the gang at the Pumpkin Prowl. My camera does not work in the dark, so pics were limited.

After Stef, Mel, Court, Jack and Avery left, we found this indoor area showing off snakes and lizards. They were a little too close for my comfort, but the room was not crowded and was a great break from the mass crowds. After that we went into the auditorium for a play. The play was one that might travel to a school about bullying. It was very fun, with a dragon and a knight and some fun was just perfect for Hansen and Lillie.
Yesterday I bought a couple of pumpkins, so tonight may end up being carving pumpkins day!
See you tomorrow.

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