Monday, October 26, 2009


Good morning, it is Monday.

This weekend Lillie finished her All About Me poster. Actually she had if finished the day she brought it home last week, but I had not helped her find the perfect picture for it yet. Now it is finished:
Yesterday Preston went to his teams indoor soccer game while the rest of us went to a Pumpkin Party at church. Lillie and Hansen got to draw on little pumpkins while I carved a big pumpkin. It was not too crowded, but the kids did have friends there, so it was all good. Afterwards we went out to LasMargaritas for dinner. We have never been there as most of a family (no Preston) and it was very nice. The add on the window, "Kids eat free Sundays" drew us in!

Today is supposed to be a cold, wet, stormy day...and so far it is!

See you tomorrow.


Stef said...

Love the Cougar flip flops! Auntie is proud :)

Amber and Aurora said...

I remember Las Margaritas - Chuck & I used to eat there.

I can't read Lillie's sign well enough... you need to tell us what's on her list of favorite things :)

Anonymous said...

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