Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More pumpkins.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night was pumpkin carving night around here. The kids did most the work on their pumpkins. I helped with the gross parts like taking out the pumpkin guts, and with the carving when little hands got tired, but for the most part, it was them. I don't have a picture of Preston's pumpkin yet...he was not as happy with the results of his pumpkin, but it was very clever. He carved his pumpkin into a soccer ball by whittling soccer squares out of the ball without going through the pumpkin. It is pretty cool too.

Here is Lillie with her cat pumpkin, while Hansen takes his time preparing his scary face.
Hansen done! "Yup, my pumpkin is cool...just like me."
This is the pumpkin I carved at church Sunday at the pumpkins party. No surprise it is a church pumpkin.
Now for some school work. This is Hansen's pre-test for his states and capitals spelling test. The location of the States and Capitals count as well as their spelling. Anything wrong and it's all wrong. Hansen got 94%...if he would have got 95%, just one little error not there, he would not have to taken the final test. DOH! Now he has to take this test again on Friday. I am still very impressed, what a smart little Hamster.
And here is a close up of Lillie's All About Me poster so you can see it better. I have been reading more books than usual lately, guess good books around me these days, but I am finding all kinds of sentences starting with the word "And", so I just don't mind starting my sentences that way anymore.
And I will see you tomorrow. Ok, I won't start every sentence with "and".


Grandpa and Bernice said...

Great pumpkins you guys. And the "All about me" by Lillie is impressive. And by the way I agree that lots of books have sentences starting with And. It's a bit annoying to me, but I've decided to get used to it. And so I'll close for now with love to all of you. And Happy Halloween

Anonymous said...

Nifty pumpkins! Sorry to tell you, but we didn't send Halloween cards this year - we didn't think of it in time. (By the way, what's a mummy's favorite kind of music?)

sussah said...

Wrap music?

Julian's Blog said...

And I will guess dance music...because they love to mash, they do the Monster Mash. It's the graveyard smash.

Wrap music is better.