Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

The paper on my desk looking at me is a piece of Hansen's homework. The Words to learn start with Tennessee, Nashville...Mississippi, Jackson...Alabama, Montgomery...Georgia, Atlanta...South Carolina, Columbia...North Carolina, Raleigh. The list goes on to eleven state, capitals. This is his final list, his test this week will require him to know all 50 states, their capitals, where they go on the map, and the correct spelling. You miss the spelling or the placement, you got it wrong. Hansen really struggled with the first one of these tests, but has done very well ever since. Sure glad this is not a requirement of mine...I would just get report cards of "c's" again. Hansen is learning how to do his homework and to study, but it is kind of like pulling teeth around here.

Speaking of homework, you should see Lillie do hers! The total opposite of Hansen. She has an assignment that is due next Monday, she just got it yesterday...and it is done! The moment she got home from school she was working on it. I did not want to help her do it all as she had a whole week, but every time I mentioned a break, she would just get mad! Yikes.

Today is early release day for the littles and late start day for Preston. These days are far more complicated than they need to be! There are plenty of families dealing with both early release and late starts like us...give us a day off, or a full day, no problem, but throw in a late start for half the kids and an early release for the other half and this schedule is just yuk.

See you tomorrow.

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