Monday, October 19, 2009

Hansen's Halloween costume and much more.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Busy weekend around here. The weather was so bad on Saturday that Kent Parks actually canceled all their soccer games at Wilson Play Fields! Nonstop sheets of rain joined by plenty of Thunder and Lightning storms. Preston's game was not canceled, but it was kind of joke with wind gusts so hard that the kids could not even kick the ball in one direction at times. Maren, Lillie, Stef, and Carol headed out for lunch and some shopping on Saturday. Maren also had a nice visit from her friend Judy yesterday. Preston had his first ever indoor soccer game. To round things off Hansen got to go to a small Lego building event at Walmart.

Here are a few pictures:

This is Hansen's Halloween costume! Can't tell it's Hansen...must be a successful costume!
Preston wearing jeans! This is a first. Sounds like his new group of school friends are jeans wearers rather than shorts wearers. Now if they all had short hair his mom would be happy! Maren, Lillie, Carol and Stef had a nice girls lunch and shopping trip on Saturday...Preston ended up with a new pair of jeans as did Lillie.

Preston had his first indoor soccer game ever yesterday. A fun league at Starfire for 6 weeks. He had a blast and scored two goals.
Lillie hanging out with a few other girls at Starfire during Preston's game. One of the girl's dad bought the girls a snack from the vending machine...Lillie chose Cheetos, the rest of the girls chose candy. I guess that means we have plenty of candy at home, but not much in the chips/Cheetos at home. No, she did not know this pic was taken, this is just how she stands when making decisions. Hansen spent his money on jaw breakers.
Lego day at Walmart. Lego Club members received coupons in the mail to go to this event and make a free little Lego pumpkin. Hansen loves Legos, Hansen loves free. This worked for him!

See you tomorrow.


Melanie Ostergard said...

Lillie looks like a teenager in that picture. Oh my!!

Anonymous said...

Boy, that must have been REALLY bad weather to actually cancel the soccer games. Cute picture of Lillie.