Thursday, October 29, 2009

Field trip, band concert.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Today Lillie's class has a field trip to a pumpkin patch in Enumclaw. Today may be the wettest, stormiest day of the year so far. Does Lillie care? Nope. She is so excited she has been just bouncing off the walls around here. This just means that she gets to wear her boots to school and pack an extra pair of shoes and socks!!! If she could do this everyday she would! I just hope she does not bug her teacher too much, "can I change into my shoes now?...can I change into my boots now???" I am sure she would bring her Cougar flip-flops and a whole change of clothes if we let her.

Tonight Preston has his first band concert of the year. First band concert of Jr. High. The band teacher asked the students to write a short essay on how they got into band/why they love band and from what Preston says (we really only know what is going on due to what Preston says) his was one of the ones the teacher has decided was good enough to have him stand in front of the whole audience (they will be doing a dress rehearsal tonight, and a concert in front of the upcoming 6th graders in a few days or something like that) and read his essay. Pretty cool. On a different note, Preston kind of hurt his knee in his last soccer game (he will be fine) and he has been fighting off all the winter colds flying around the world, so he decided to walk his 2.5 mile fitness test yesterday with a friend who was also not feeling great. I must admit that it totally cracks me up that the only "B"s this kid will ever get on his report card (happened at GL one term before Preston was Male Athlete of the Jr. Olympics) are in P.E. But that is what happens when you walk the fitness tests because you're saving yourself for actual sporting events.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

We hope Preston's knee feels better soon. (The answer was wrap music, but the Monster Mash is good, too.)