Friday, October 16, 2009

Amazing people.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Last night Preston and I had a very good time at Hansen's soccer practice. I can't automatically include Hansen in this sentence because he was running laps for being late to practice (not my fault!) and basically just practicing. There is an old guy (mid 70s) who is the grandfather of one of the kids on Hansen's team. He likes to kick the ball with Preston once in a while and seems to have some very good soccer skills, really enjoys kicking around, and usually picks out Preston. He is vacationing from Mexico where he lives and he does not talk much to folks because he does not speak very much English. I took 3 years of Spanish from high school to College and between him trying to speak English and me understanding the added Spanish, we were able to communicate just fine. Turns out he played professional soccer throughout Mexico on the best teams for many years. He was a center midfielder and had plenty of scars from tough games and such, the center midfielders do head the ball more and get more elbows than others on the field. He gave Preston some very nice complements on his ball control and soccer skills saying he could tell Preston was a very good soccer player and such. Also told Preston to work on his kicks off the outside of his feet and not to be afraid to really be aggressive on the soccer field. Preston thought it was great.

It is amazing what you can find out about folks every once in a while. I have found that Seniors doing not so important jobs, but doing them well and trying their best usually have quite a story to tell. Whether it be an old guy working part-time at a golf course or McDonalds or wherever, they may have been the inventor of such and such, or a developer, a professional athlete, or a teacher at a school you went to as a kid and you had no idea, you just never know who you will meet...but for some reason the common thread is that folks who were successful (whatever there field) as younger folks never stop trying to do their best, even at their little part-time job they do just for fun. Usually they are happy to share their experiences, so every once in awhile when you see a senior working hard at a not so important job, ask them about their story, you may find you have worked shoulder to shoulder with, or been waited on by very amazing people and you had no idea.

Sorry for the mini lecture, just re-read what I wrote and it was more than I thought.

See you tomorrow.


Melanie Ostergard said...

Great post, Julian. Thank you!

Grandpa and Bernice said...

Words of wisdom Julian - thanks - we've had a similar experience with seniors of about our age - just say a few words, and the flood gates open.

Anonymous said...

Nice post!

jerisenger said...

Great thoughts and so true. Today I had a meeting and Mo Curran was there. I asked her if she remembered you and she had very nice things to say about you. Did you have her more than one year? She said she taught some kids more than once as she changed grades. I got to share some nice things about you and your family with her and she was delighted. "Old" teachers love to hear about their former students. I do.