Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who was the picky eater?

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was all over the place. Maren worked late, Preston had soccer, Lillie went to Dance class, Hansen got to play with his buddy Nick, but the thing that made the evening the roughest...a picky eater! Who in our family was the picky eater last night you ask? You do have a couple of reasonable choices. This is kind of like a skit on AFV, I could show one kid leaving the table, one kid at the table, and one kid under the table. Well...last night the picky eater was Hansen! Yes, Hansen decided to be a picky eater and not budge! He was offered dinner at Nick's house, would not eat it. Then he was offered dinner at our house and would not eat it. To make matters worse, he decided he did not want to do his homework and stuff until he was fed something he "liked". Hmph! Well, after he calmed down, realized he would not actually starve to his death, he finished his homework and we were able to move on in a somewhat civilized manner. It was not like he was offered only Lima Beans and Liver...he was offered a bean quesadilla at Nick's house and brown rice and steak at our house.

Today is raining and cold in our neck of the woods. Hansen has soccer practice, but I think that is it for this family.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

What's wrong with Lima Beans?? haha. Maybe Hansen would like some brussel sprouts. My mother had to serve me the spaghetti plain but I don't remember refusing to eat altogether. love, susanna

Amber and Aurora said...

Ooooooh, Hansen. Eat your food and be grateful.

Julian's Blog said...

Hansen and Lillie like their spagetti plain! I can't believe anyone would even type the words, "brussel sprouts". Shudder.