Friday, September 11, 2009

Washing the van.

Good morning, it is Friday.

If you watch commercials during any kid show these days, you will have seen one about Danimals Crushable Yogurts. Here is a picture of Preston crushing Lillie who is crushing a Danimals! Just a fun picture.
Seven years ago I only reluctantly would let Preston help me wash my car. For a couple of reasons. 1) I had a cooler car and did not want it scratched by irresponsible washing. 2) Preston would just spray me with the hose, not the car. And the biggie, 3) I must not have been so relaxed as who really cares about numbers 1 and 2 anyhow? Yesterday Lillie wanted to do more than just help wash my car, she thought she could do the whole thing. She did well, but really only washed about 1/3rd of the car...good I was there to help.
Lillie scrubbing the car in her choice of car washing outfits...short skirt and leather boots!
Still washing the car. More fun than boring at this point. Yes, seven years ago I would have never use an extension brush with plastic bristles either. Poor van, it only gets washed like twice per year...I am actually kind of shocked at how silver rather than black the wheels really are. There is lots of pitch on the car from who knows where, and it is staying put for now.
And...seeing if she can fill up little holes in the ground with water rather than washing the car because spraying water is fun, and washing the car has gotten boring.
Last night Maren made this very yummy meat pizza from scratch. There is plenty left for me today as Lillie won't touch the meat and Hansen won't touch the sauce. Boo Hoo for them, it was a darn good pizza.
See you tomorrow.


Amber and Aurora said...

Uhm, short skirt and leather boots? In a few years you'll be able to make money with this car wash business!

Julian's Blog said...

Yup! I guess she has a few more years before "oh, that is cute!" turns to "yikes, you let your daughter wear what?"