Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Soccer champs.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Quite a final game for Preston's team. The other team scored a goal in the first ten minutes, and led the game 0-1 all the way to the last few minutes. The whole game was very physical with penalty after penalty and kids flopping and flying all over the field. Preston's team just never really got clicking, but with just a minute or two left Preston was able to make a header goal thanks to a good cross by one of his teammates. With the game tied everyone figured it would be going into free kicks to decide the championship. But in a desperate move to stop a shot in the penalty box, the other team was called with a handball which led to a penalty kick. Preston jumped in there and took the penalty kick, blasting it by the goalie to score the winning goal. Here is a picture of Synergy '96 receiving their blue ribbons! First ever tournament win for this team, Nice Job Synergy! Preston is in the back row, forth person from the right.
For those of you sad for Maren because all her Labor Day shopping plans got dashed, never fear...Preston and I skipped the spontaneous celebratory pizza party and pool party the kids were scrambling to create after the game so she could get in some deals.

We headed out to Burien for a very nice dinner at John and Carol's house and got to hang out with the kid's cousins, aunties, and grandparents and everyone had a good time.

On the school front, the teacher's union voted to defy the court order to return to the classrooms and to continue striking! Who knows when school will start for the kids? These are very important issues the teachers are striking for, so I hope the district comes up with a package soon that the teachers can feel good about signing sooner than later.

See you tomorrow.

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