Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September is here.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

September is here and I am trying to wrap my brain around how busy we will be now that summer is over. We were filling in the calendar this morning and it is looking full already...what is worse is that we have missed a few (minor) things in the last couple of days from not having them on the calendar. Here is a picture of the wall calendar quite full already with kids sports and activities, although we still don't have a game schedule for Preston or Hansen...games every Saturday starting the second weekend of September. I also need to look up dentist and ortho appointments as well as schedule eye exams and the like.

Now that I am feeling overwhelmed, I will go pay the bills and balance the check book and at least get that in order. Good thing the teachers are on strike, I need a few extra days just to catch up. Speaking teacher strike, the KSD website used to keep us up to date by the day, but now it just says "School delayed until further notice." Guess it is time to plan on no school for a while.

See you tomorrow.

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