Tuesday, September 15, 2009

School today, Lillie joke.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

This is the day that school starts for me and the kids! We are all a bit nervous, but I am sure it will work out fine. All the kids are going to a new school this year, Preston to Cedar Heights Jr. High, Hansen and Lillie to Grass Lake. I am staying at Cedar Valley. This year we have carpools and buses to deal with, groan.

Our latest game to play in the car while driving somewhere is that I give a silly joke to the crowd, then the crowd takes turns coming up with random answers. Started with simple stuff like, "Why did the Chicken cross the street?", with random answers like "Because the fish was out of the water!". Then things morph from there. My favorite one so far is a Lillie morph of several answers with a morph of a question as well. Question: "Why was the fish not in the water?", Lillie answers, "Because he was dying to go to the Bock Bock Show at the Baaarrrnnn!...Do you get it???He was dying because he was not in the water, and dying to see the Bock Bock Show at the Baaarrrnnn!!!Do you get it? Do you get it?" The rest of us are just cracking up, well, I am anyhow. You have to have heard the way she said the whole bock bock at the barn...priceless.

Ok, off to wake up the masses for school.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber and Aurora said...

Maybe you need to have been there...