Sunday, September 06, 2009

Random Blog

Good morning, it is Sunday.

The last couple of days my computer was freaking out, not letting me log onto blogger...I reset it to a previous day, and now it works great again. Strange. Since I missed a couple of days, this is kind of a random blog.

Yesterday Preston had to be awake at 5:45 AM (which means I did too) for his first of two soccer games. Their team is doing great this tournament and Preston has scored 5 goals already. This pic is of Preston barely awake at 6:00am.

We went out to Arby's Friday. The girls love their catsup and Arby's sauce!
Lillie and I went on a garage sale walk yesterday...yes, she dressed herself. The leopard print long gloves match the leopard spot shoes that she just bought the other day. I did have a few, "look who dressed up for garage sales!" comments. I would just say something stupid like, "I hope she grows out of this fashion stage before she hits high school!"
Hansen with a huge flying disc from a garage sale. We pumped it up with air and it would fly super far and high!
Rain and storms have been the theme for this weekend, here is a cool rainbow on the drive home from dinner the other day. Just happened to be behind a SUV with Cougar emblems all over it. Cougar fans can be so annoying with all there "Cougar Bling"! Go Huskies!
Lillie has been making designs with her Barbie dolls and begging me to take pictures of them. Here is one of her Barbie Parades. So very symmetrical!
Maren's newest Nikes! The girl does love her shoes, lucky for me she really enjoys a great deal on a good used pair of running shoes. These look like they were worn but maybe once or twice, and they were only $6.00. Somewhere in the world some girl paid like $70.00 for these shoes then gave them away after only wearing them a couple of times...I think I chose the right girl!
Today will be more soccer...and rain.
See you tomorrow.


Courtney Cunniff said...

You need to fill up Hansen's new disc with helium. I just saw an ad on the TV a few days ago about them and when they have helium they defy gravity. It looked like the coolest thing! I can't wait to play with it.

Julian's Blog said...

I have seen those adds! Just air works very well, but helium would be very cool! The wind kind of causes it trouble, but it can really fly!