Sunday, September 20, 2009

Preston's 13th birthday day.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Preston had a great birthday. His team won their soccer game in the last second! It was cool, Preston had scored the first 2 goals to put his team up 2-0, but the other team rallied and took the lead with about 15 minutes to play. A very tense last 15 minutes found Preston back on the field (he got a break after getting tripped up by a kid on the other team who earned a yellow card on the play) and a quick goal on a corner kick made the game tied. Preston was about to take free kick from about 30 yards in the last few seconds of the game, when he quickly switched with Kyle (a left footed kid on the team) and Kyle was able to kick the ball around the wall that was built for the right footed Preston, Kyle curved the ball into the goal around the goalie for the win. It is nice to be on the winning side of these last second game changes, last year Preston's team lost their share of these types of game.

In the evening we invited the soccer team to Godfather's Pizza in Auburn for a Pizza party. Nearly everyone showed up and Preston had a very fun party! The kids all had all the pizza, pop and cake they could handle...not to mention video games at their arcade. Maren had Lillie and another mom or two to talk to, but it was kind of a guy occasion. Let me just say, a room full of 13 year old boys and their dads don't do the "Happy Birthday" song justice! Preston did very well in the gift-card and cash department!
Here is the dad table, having a beer and watching college football. Staying for the party worked out just fine for these dads. Everyone was very happy after a great win by the soccer team and an amazing win by the University of Washington Huskies Football team!
Cake wars, which is better?
The Costco cake we purchased for the pizza party, or...
The cake Maren a I made for today's family party this afternoon?
See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

The cake you made wins, hands down! Congratulations to the soccer team and the Huskies!

Grandpa and Bernice said...

We go for the cake you made-it looks great. Happy Birthday Preston - and congrats to the soccer team - what a party. It doesn't seem as if it could be more fun - you did it up right.