Wednesday, September 02, 2009

No school, took kids golfing.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Still no school, the district is now bringing the teachers to court to force them back to work without a contract. This may be a longer strike than originally planned...or it could end tomorrow. I can tell you that most of the folks that hang out at golf courses are not on the same page as the teachers. One of many reasons I am happy with my career change.

I took the kids to Jade Green G. C. to hit some range balls yesterday. We all had a bunch of fun, here are a few pictures:
Preston's back swing.
Preston's follow through. Yes, he hits the ball about as far as I do these days, and with arguably better form. He does not play enough to have his score beat mine is still his number one game, and rightly so, but he did enjoy the range yesterday. I would be in trouble if he made golf his number one game.
Hansen's back swing.
Hansen's follow through. He did hit the ball very far and very solidly...but his form...well, I was laughing because he looks just like Uncle Corey golfing. Hansen even texted Corey to tell him that his dad said they had similar golf swings. Hansen loves smashing range balls, I think he will stick with baseball!
Lillie had a great time as well, always yelling, "DAD!, watch me!" She can't not look at the camera, but she has a solid back swing.
I could never time her follow through with my phone camera. She made me delete a few other pictures. She was OK with this one because her hair looks cool.
See you tomorrow.

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