Tuesday, September 22, 2009

making it through the week.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Today is supposed to get to about 90 degrees here!?! Can you believe it? Hard to believe, but the weather has been nice for the last while.

We made it thought our schedule yesterday no problem. Lillie likes her new dance class just fine, what she likes the most is not having to wear her ballet clothes the whole time. As this is a combo jazz/ hip hop class she get to wear whatever she wants, and tennis shoes the last part of class. Hansen had to hang with me at dance class as Preston was at soccer and Maren was working late, but he just played Nintendo DS the whole time.

At anytime during the day yesterday, other than the school hours when the soccer ball had to stay at home, this is how you would have seen Preston:

Tonight is curriculum night at Grass Lake, we will be there to visit both Lillie and Hansen's class.

See you tomorrow.

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