Monday, September 14, 2009

Joely clothes, end of summer.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was quite a day. We started the day at church. Rally Sunday. The kick off of Sunday school and just getting back from taking time off in the summer. The kids got to hang with some friends, have a bbq, and remember that church is not so bad.

After church Maren went out for coffee with her friend Judy. Judy had a special delivery for Lillie, clothes from Joely! Here is a picture of Lillie wearing an outfit and holding an outfit of very cute clothes handed down from Joely.

Yesterday was the last day of the season for the pool at the KSTC. We packed up our bbq stuff and made an evening out of celebrating a great summer. Lots of swimming, diving (well kind of, Lillie and Hansen do crazy stuff off the diving board, but land on their feet. Preston likes doing front flips and landing on his feet as well, but he had some very cool face plants while trying for one and a half ending in a dive. I stick to the cannonball.), eating, playing tennis and visiting. Maren ran into a Library friend named Robin and they had a very nice time hanging out.

We heard a rumor that the teacher's union reached a tentative agreement last night, we may have school tomorrow! We don't really need to be the only school district in the country on strike any longer. With the pool closed, and school starting tomorrow, summer is officially over!

See you tomorrow.

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