Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday Preston

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Happy 13th birthday to our amazing Preston!!! Yup, he is a teenager now...look out world!

Here are a few recent pictures you may or may not have seen of the birthday boy:
Preston allowing his little sister to put ponytails in his hair.
Preston (middle) showing off his own style by wearing Barcelona gear to the Sounders v. Barcelona soccer game.
Preston and Connor on the first day of 7th grade earlier this week. Yes, Preston is very tall. Seems like he has been a teenager for a while now, but no...this is his first day.
Another Preston and Connor picture, this time winning a soccer tournament.
This is not of Preston, but of our new Beatles Rockband! But Preston does play whatever instrument on the "expert" level while the rest of us play on "easy"...and Preston still has a higher score then the rest of us not so coordinated folks.
This morning Preston has soccer, Hansen has soccer in the afternoon, and in the evening we are having a big pizza party at Godfather's Pizza for his soccer team to celebrate Preston's birthday.
See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

Happy Birthday Preston!! You've been looking like a teenager for a while now. Have fun. Love, Susanna and Johnny

jerisenger said...

Happy Birthday Preston? It is a great day to be born. The U of W beat USC on this day and for that all of the Dawgs are thrilled to death. Lots of celebrating in Seattle for you and the Dawgs....
Jeri Senger

Shannon said...

Please tell Preston I say, "Happy Happy Birthday!"


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Preston! We're very proud of you!