Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Getting back on track.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Getting in a routine that actually works for doing homework and practicing for Hansen and Lillie has not been so easy. Preston always just did his work no questions asked, but it is not so easy with the littles. I am sure we will get there. Last night worked better, Preston helped Lillie with the piano, then I helped her with her homework. Maren helped Hansen with his homework after I took him to soccer. We have made a few concessions to ease our lives, such as if you have soccer or dance practice, you can take the day off of piano practice. As a family we are on the verge of over programing, but as individuals we seem on track, we just need a little help from our friends.
Preston helping Lillie with the piano. Lillie loved her new tutor...and I think Preston was not totally bored to death as teens can be with any chore not on their "fun" list.
Maren helping Hansen with homework. Hansen does much better with gentle nudges from his mom than the nudges from his less patient dad. Can you learn more patience when your like 40 in just a matter of days? Don't freaking know, don't freaking care! (just joking)
I am struggling with bus passes for Lillie. The KSD is offering Lillie a ride to school each day, but on a different bus than her brother. Maren thinks I should be grateful that they're even offering, but having two buses seems wrong and just makes my blood boil. Today I will try to gently plead with Hansen's bus driver before doing anything drastic.
See you tomorrow.

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Amber and Aurora said...

You might need to work on Preston's posture. What a sweet brother to help his little sister with piano lessons!