Saturday, September 12, 2009

A day at the Fair.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday was free day at the Fair. Free from 10am to noon for the first day. We had planned on going all along, then found out that Mel, Court, Jack, Avery, Stef and Paul were going as well. Preston invited his friend Nick and everyone else in the Kent School District (on strike, so no school) was there too. The weather was perfect, the traffic was horrible, the fair was crowded, and some of the Llamas (a moody Llama freaked me and Lillie out in the petting zoo!) were not so happy to there! Here are a few pics:
Hansen, Nick, and Preston show off their winnings! Preston and Nick went their own way and decided they enjoyed winning cups and plates at the dime toss the best. The cups Preston "won" remind me of the water glasses at a Denny's restaurant.
Lillie, Stef, and Paul check out the cats. Yes, there is a cats room at the fair! Very clever rooms made for cats that would rather not be there. Very fun. Hansen loved the sign over one "pirate" cats litter box that read, "Aarg, beware of the poop deck!"
Jack and Avery got to experience the fair from their lounge chairs...rolling lounge chairs would be my choice over walking every day!
Lots of clever trinkets and shops line the fair. We did not get the chance to see any demonstrations of Sham Wows or Miracle Cutters or anything too fancy, but I did like these little wooden Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Hansen liked the Native American carvings the best!
Lillie decided that a great big bad of cotton candy would do for lunch just fine! Why not? It is the Fair after all.
After the fair we drove up the hill to the Oman's house for a dinner with visiting cousin (or brother if you're the host) Ethan. This pic cracked me up, Kraig and Ethan sitting exactly the same, eating in exactly the same way at the same time, in between downs of a college football game on the TV. You might think they are related!
See you tomorrow.

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