Friday, September 18, 2009

Costco for ice-cream.

Good morning, it is Friday!

What do you do when you have no sports practices and no activities on the calendar? You celebrate because it will not happen again for a long time! Costco to order a birthday cake for some kid about to be a teenager, and some soft serve ice-cream works just fine. We always run into friends of someone at Costco. Yesterday it was Preston's 6th grade camp councilor.

Lillie found the Halloween outfits. We have not even thought about Halloween costumes yet. I started feeling behind for just a second as some of you have...but we won't figure it out until well into October, like the 28th. By then all these costumes will be sold out and we will have to come up with something from our closets or make something by hand.
See you tomorrow.

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Amber and Aurora said...

Oh Julian, a couple years ago we waited until the 29th and ended up in line at a party store for like 2 hours! It was like a Disneyland line - kept going even when you were sure you were almost there! Shop early.