Monday, September 07, 2009

Charging station.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Check out the Charging Station I made last night. Maren has been talking about one of these for awhile now, and I finally took a few minutes and made one. Basically we have a power strip with all our plug-ins for charging stuff under a not so fancy shoe box with the charging hook-ups sticking out. What we need to charge regularly are: i-pod, psp, Dell dj, Maren's phone, Maren's ear-tool, Nintendo Game Boy, and Julian's, Preston's, and Hansen's phone. Cool huh?

Yesterday was day 2 of soccer tournaments. Yes, it kept raining and clearing. Here is a rainbow above the soccer field yesterday. Preston's team kept winning and is now in the championship game this morning. Quite exciting! For most...Maren's plans for shopping the morning away for Labor Day sales is been ruined, unless she wants to take the littles with her.
To get to the soccer fields, we cross a big river (not sure which one) and there have been hundreds of people fishing! Here is a small view of a line of fishermen in the river...must be more fishermen than fish! Some friends have said that is an amazing fishing season, best in many many years.
See you tomorrow.


Emily said...

In our apartment building lobby there is a table where people (usually people who are moving out) leave old stuff that they don't want any more. Usually, it is kind of junky stuff like stained rugs, etc., but I sometimes see something nice like a lamp. Annnnnyways, the other day there was a brand new, potterybarn charging station (much like your homemade one). I picked it up and plugged our phones into it, and then yesterday we actually were walking by a potterybarn, and so we walked in and saw our charging station on sale for $79! Can you imagine paying the better part of a hundred dollars for a charging dock?

sussah said...

I guess the person leaving the donated Pottery Barn charging station in Emily's lobby became a neo-luddite back-to-nature city escapee. Either that or it was a duplicate wedding present. Love, susanna

Julian's Blog said...

Good find Emily! Good imagination Susanna!

Grandma Slane said...

When I first clicked on your blog, I thought it said "changing station," as in diapers - woops! Nice rainbow, and good luck to Preston's team.

Amber and Aurora said...

I kind of thought it said Changing Station too :) But really, that's a pretty sweet charging station you've come up with. Very creative and useful!