Monday, September 21, 2009

Another birthday party, back to normal.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Preston had another good day of celebrating his birthday. This time at John and Carol's house with the family. This year Preston actually made a birthday list complete with pictures and links pasted into a word document. It worked out perfectly for him as by the time all his presents were open, he had checked off most of the list. Here is Preston blowing out the candles on his soccer ball cake, holding a new soccer ball, and wearing his new soccer shoes. The kid does love soccer these days.

Other things that happened this weekend you ask? Hansen had a soccer game (his team lost-boo), Lillie and Hansen got to go to a Lego building fest thing at the local Walmart where they got to build and keep a Lego pencil holder, and Jack and Avery now call me Ju-Ju.

Well, now that the birthday weekend is over, it is back to business as usual around here. Maren works late today, Preston has soccer practice, and Lillie has dance class.
See you tomorrow.

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