Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Good morning, it is Wednesday. day! It will be 1001 years before you see a date like this again with single digits...but next year we will see 10-10-10, yup, on my birthday!

Today is the day that Beatles Rock Band comes out!!! We ordered it online, so it will probably not be here for a week. Bummer, but it was worth the savings. The version we ordered was much cheaper than the ones we could buy at the local gaming stores because I was just not interested in spending extra $$$ for a fancy drum set or replica guitar, but I did need those pieces for the Wii (our current Rock Band is for the PS2, and they are not making this Rock Band for the PS2...they want you to buy a PS3) Besides, it is the songs and the gaming I am interested in. There is a cool show that Maren and I watched last night "ondemand" that is the making of the Beatles Cirque Du Soleil show in Vegas. We may actually have to plan a trip to Vegas just to see this show, it just looks amazing!

Last night while picking up Preston from a friend's house, I stopped and filled up the gas tank in my van. I was just looking around killing time (not looking at the $$$ gauge moving so fast you can't actually see it) and these were the big signs staring at me. Very clever.

Who knew there were specific exercises one should be doing while filling up your gas tank? I like the guy with two heads.
This ones is even better, a guide to splattered bugs on your windshield. If your a bug and you see a picture of yourself on this sign, avoid cars! I did actually wander over to the front windshield and check out one particular splatter, but no identifiable features we really left.
Preston has an orthodontist appointment today, he is hoping they remove the bar from the roof of his mouth. His appointment is at 3:40pm because we were trying to squeeze it in between school and soccer, but we still are not in school. Many 9-month paras like myself are starting to freak out about benefits, if school does not start in September, our benefits will expire. Yuk. At first glance it seems ridiculous that school would not start in September, but they way things are going, it may be a long time.
See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Go Beatles!
Friends of Mick's and mine gave us a fabulous turntable, so I am once again able to listen to my Beatle albums! (Saved after 35 years of moving!)
Hope to see you all soon.
(Loved the gas station signs!)

Miss Susan

jerisenger said...

Hi Julian,

Today is Noah's 10th birthday. He was born 9.9.99. We were hoping that Olivia would be 10.10 but she is 10.09. Markus is 11.11 and Marnee was born on 12.25. My grandson, Oliver was born on the July 4th. A birthday is special on any day but a cool day is neat. I have the very worst day...2.19. It has worked for a long time but it is an odd combination. Hopefully school will start next week. I cannot see it dragging on much longer. I have joined the CV teachers twice. It is so boring. Jeri

Amber and Aurora said...

We pre-ordered Beatles Rock Band too!!! I can't wait... I'm having a Beatles Rock Band Birthday party on 9.19.09. We just saw a bunch of episodes of Beatles Anthology which were cool, and we did go see LOVE in Vegas. I liked it and I'm glad we went, but I think Rock Band will be more fun :)