Wednesday, August 26, 2009

P orientation, H soccer, L showing off.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was 7th grade orientation at Cedar Heights Middle School. Preston received his class schedule, toured the building, and saw plenty of friends there. His schedule looks good and he has plenty of friends in his classes, of course he has plenty of friends not in any of his classes as well. This school has an upstairs and a down stairs which is cool, but made for finding classes a little tricky. Here is a pic of Preston in the gym. He is now a Cedar Heights Timberwolf. School is set to start on Monday...but a teacher strike is looming.

Another first was Hansen's first soccer practice of the season. He is playing for Kent Parks rather than Covington this season hoping for a bigger playing field and a little more competition. He is not quite ready to do select soccer like Preston because he likes baseball too much...probably select baseball will be his game in a few more years.
This is Lillie showing off [at Hansen's soccer practice] how she can climb to the top of the monkey bars, then sit there on one bar without holding on. She pretty much just flys around a playground these days.
This is a funny picture. I was trying to "rotate" a photo on my phone and discovered that I could add funny stuff while editing. I had read about this when I first got the phone, but never thought anything of it. This is Hansen sucked into a TV show, wondering why I am bothering him.

See you tomorrow.


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