Monday, August 31, 2009

No school, Maggie.

Good morning, it is Monday.

The teachers are on strike so today is not our first day of school as scheduled. We are all ready...some new clothes, shoes, and we just wait for the district and the teachers to agree on a few issues. Since Paraeducators are considered "nonessential", I don't start working until school starts for the kids. Lucky for us! There are plenty of families around wondering what to do with kids and work schedules as the plan was school.

Yesterday Steve, Amy, Camden and Maggie brought Hansen home from his overnight at his cousin Alex's house. Maggie was just cruising around and exploring everything. Lillie tired to hold her still for just a second to get a picture, but all we could get on film (there is an out of date saying...I should say "micro SD card") was Maggie's "hey, let me go!" look. Maggie is wearing a hand-me-down outfit that was one of Lillie's favorites at 18 months, same denim skirt overalls and same pink shirt...still in perfect condition. How cool is that! From the back, going full speed for the chairs and the art table, she could have been an 18month old Lillie.

See you tomorrow.

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