Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Lillie story.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Preston is already gone for a soccer tournament, I am blogging, everyone else is just sleeping away...and they may stay that way for a while as the temp is finally under 80 degrees in the house! Kind of chilly if you ask me!

So what has been happening around here? Thursday we had John and Carol meet us out at the pool for a BBQ. The weather was a little hot, but the water was very nice. And the food was excellent. Lillie spent most of her time in the pool, the boys and I played some tennis and cooled off in the pool, and Maren and her mom spent some time in the pool as well. The best part of the KSTC is the layout. The sun goes down over a tree covered hill and the eating/hanging out area is shaded while the pool still has sun on it, very pleasant if in the water or out.

So here is my Lillie story from yesterday, wish I could have had a video camera for this whole episode, but who knew. Lillie, Connor, Preston and Hansen were on the front porch playing Uno. I was inside with the radio on doing some chores (we had Jim over for pizza dinner as his family is out of town on vacation). Lillie's favorite song these days is Taylor Swift's , You Belong With Me. This song came on the radio so I peeked out the front door and told Lillie, "Your favorite song is on the radio". She looked at me very still with eyes that told me to leave and never embarrass her in front of the big kids EVER AGAIN! Yes, she has those looks now. Well, she was one card from winning the hand. She very coolly played the last card, won the hand, calmly got up, walked slowly into the house, closed the door behind her, ran as fast as she could to the front of the TV (where she likes to watch herself dance) and started dancing and dancing and dancing and singing to her favorite song. Of course Connor peeked in the front window and said, "Lillie, I see you", and Lillie just flopped on the floor and said something like, "go away, I don't care!". The kids outside were cracking up, and Lillie just got back up and started dancing away again until the song was over. Fun times!

Tonight is Maren's 20 year class reunion. Should be fun!

See you in a couple of days.

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Grandma and Grandpa Slane said...

Cute story about Lillie. Happy 20th, Maren!