Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lake Wenatchee.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Last night we got home from camping at Lake Wenatchee. Most of us that is. I took the kids and Maren stayed home. We had originally thought we had a soccer tournament [for Preston] and with everything we were not going to go on this trip. The soccer tournament was moved, so I decided to take the kids for a few days to hang with their cousins and everyone. Maren stayed home, worked Thursday and Friday, had a nice lunch with a friend, and hopefully had a nice relaxing time with the house to herself. We are now home, and her peace is interrupted!

Camping was fun. The first night was a bit rough in the tent with the kids as Lillie did not sleep well and Hansen was a bit freaked about the loud wind and trees creaking all around us. Second night was better, probably because they were so worn out. Daytimes were great. Lots of playing at the campsite and in the water. A very nice time. I offered to drive Alex and Claire to Wenatchee in the van...part of the caravan to the campsite. A stop off at McDonald's in North Bend got us off on the right foot.
Birthday girls. From Left to right, Melanie (Maren's sis), Carol (Maren's mom), and Sue (Maren's Auntie)
Preston decided he was too old for this kid picture.
Claire and Lillie roasting marshmallows.
Preston on the big rock.
Lillie and Clare can conquer the big rock too!
Alex and Hansen, followed closely by Miles, sporting their style.
This is me! Taking over the morning cooking.
Bees were the big critter worry this trip, several campers will be leaving with multiple bee stings. Kraig and Annie came up with this clever bee trap...and it worked!
Lillie and Claire building a minnow pond at the water's edge.

Alex and Hansen playing on a big log.
See you tomorrow.

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homeless travelers said...

Great pictures and looked like a good time, but maybe not as good as Disneyland.