Friday, August 07, 2009

Jim Henson, Barcelona FC

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday we spent the morning at the KSTC with friends. The Rudolph's were there as well Kole and Blake...and that was about all the people at the pool all together. It was empty! The Lillians spent most of the time in the pool. It was kind of a cold day, but the water was warm...maybe warmer than the air! The rest of us went back and forth between the pool and tennis. After the pool, we came home, picked up Maren and headed into Seattle. The first Thursday of each month is free day at the Seattle museums. We met the Rudolph's in the longest line ever! We were off to see the EMP (Experience Music Project), and mainly the Science Fiction Museum that has a great exhibit of Jim Henson and the Muppets. The line moved OK and was very loud (due to the concert in the EMP that the line went through) at times, but it was totally worth it! What a great exhibit! Original drawings by Jim Henson of his characters and just everything from Kermit to The Dark Crystal. Very cool! Here is a picture of the Original Kermit...I was told after I took this picture that no pictures were allowed...but I did not use a flash so no one got too mad!

The rest of the Science Fiction Museum was very cool as well. Star Trek, Star Wars, flying saucers, and everything else Science Fiction. Two hours in the most crowed environment was not nearly enough time to see the museum...but the price was right and we had a great time!

The night before Preston go to go see Seattle Sounders take on world champion Barcelona FC at Qwest Field thanks to Josh's family. I think Josh must have had the best birthday least Preston had the best Josh's birthday ever! Barcelona was amazing (I watched at home) and Preston had a great time...yes, he wore his Barcelona jersey and was surrounded by a sea of Sounder's green!
See you tomorrow.

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