Sunday, August 30, 2009

Golfing, Summer Reading, Soccer shopping.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday morning I went golfing for the first time in many months. Larry and I went to Auburn Golf Course. Auburn Golf Course was a boggy old run down golf course with a totally old and small clubhouse when I was a kid, but it was cheap and the first golf course I ever played 18 holes on and I always enjoyed it. 25 years later Auburn Golf Course has a totally new beautiful clubhouse, many of the holes have been improved and the course is excellent in my opinion. Still the same enough that I have tons of great memories, but updated to where I would love golfing there every week no question. This picture is of me posing after my shot on the 16th par 3. We walked the course, I carried my clubs on one shoulder and my umbrella on the other shoulder...just like when I was a kid.
You know summer is over when the kids are turning in all their summer reading paperwork for their finisher prizes at the local Library. Hansen and Lillie were awarded very cool KCLS Reader 68 piece art kits for all their hard work. Way to go Hansen and Lillie!
Preston finally got to shop at his favorite soccer store as we had dinner at John and Carol's house Friday evening. It is a little shop in Burien that he discovered during the 4th of July. Spanish is the main language spoken and everything soccer is of good quality. Here is Preston with his new Barcelona hoodie sweatshirt (Messi's number 19 in the middle) and his Adidas Samba shoes designed in Mexico's team colors. Very cool for a total soccer junkie.
See you tomorrow.

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