Thursday, August 20, 2009

Diving, drawing, soccer.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

We spent much of the day at the pool yesterday. Well, some of us. Lillie had her friend Lily, Hansen had his friend Nick, and I had my friend Jim (Nick's dad). The pool was as busy as I have seen it as people were trying to beat the 90 degree weather. The kids spent their time in the pool while Jim and I played some tennis and hit the pool as well. Preston decided to stay home and relax and Maren was at work. The first picture is of Hansen thinking about diving...usually turns into kind of a belly flop...or a cannonball.
Yesterday was the first day Lillie ever jumped off the diving board. After the first time, she was hooked. Her and Lily spent the day jumping off the diving board. Except for the times when they would join me in the shallow end to have me throw them into the water.
These next two pictures are from California Adventure. They were from the Animation Academy class. This time through we were learning to draw Daisy Duck. This is what me and the littles would do while Maren and Preston were doing the big rides! Maren did get to do a drawing with the littles while Preston and I did Tower of Terror. I should have chosen the art!

Lastly, here is a bad pic of Preston at soccer practice. My camera does not do much action, but this is at least proof. Preston is on the left with the light blue jersey. I was standing next to the goal, a split second after I took this picture Preston got a pass, turned and blistered the ball in the back of the net.
See you in a few days...


Shannon said...

That is not Minnie Mouse. That's Daisy Duck! And may I say, those are amazing illustrations of her! (Julian -- you were at Disneyland for an entire week, and can't tell Minnie Mouse from Daisy Duck?")

Julian's Blog said...

I was at Disneyland for a week and my brain is mush! Yep, I even drew a picture of Daisy Duck as well, but never Minnie Mouse. Glad I have the "edit" button.