Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Uncle Corey visit.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Last night after Hansen got home from day camp, Preston got back from spending the afternoon at the pool, and Maren got home from work (maybe it is fun there?) we packed into the Slanemobile (Dodge minivan) and headed up to visit Uncle Corey. On the way we stopped at KFC and picked up a 16 piece meal with all the trimmings. A week ago Corey had surgery for a torn ACL in his right knee. He said it has been a very tough go this last week as these surgeries take a bit longer to heal and stuff when your a bit older (yes, he had the same surgery on his left knee 13 years ago). We did not get to see the horrid swelling, but things still looked like they needed quite a bit of healing. While Corey showed me, Preston, and Lillie his knee, Hansen played with Corey's toy plane in the back yard and Maren did dishes and cleaning. It is clear that Corey has had plenty of help and lots of caring folks around. In fact his buddy Trevor stopped by while we where there to check on him. It was nice to see Trevor as well.

Corey said that yesterday was the first day that he was able to stand up and move around at all without his crutches, but in very small bursts. This picture below is very misleading because Corey's right leg is hiding behind Lillie and he is kind of holding on to Preston for balance.

Today I will be bringing our Wii to the Nintendo factory in Redmond to have it repaired. It buzzes so loudly it makes me want to hurl. The kids don't seem to notice so this fix is mainly for my peace of mind.

See you tomorrow.

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