Saturday, July 11, 2009

Soccer days, Hansen's haircut.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

We are heading into day 2 of this all soccer weekend. The Kent Cornucopia Cup, a big soccer tournament that is always the same weekend of Kent Cornucopia Days. Yesterday Preston's team won their first game and lost their second game. Preston is one of the team captains and also a main scorer. He has had two amazing goals, great assists, and two goals due to excellent corner kicks. Game 2 in the afternoon they were dressed in white with orange socks.

Game one in the morning, they were dressed all in blue.
Hansen got tired of his hair in his eyes, so it was off to Sports Clips for him. He would never consider letting me give him a buzz cut, but he has no issues with real hair cutters doing it for him. When he came around the corner at Sports Clips I nearly did not recognize him because his hair was so short and he was not wearing his glasses. I don't know what this pose is about, but you can see the haircut.
Today Preston has two soccer games as well. I hope the littles learn how to hang out at a soccer game by the end of today. Yesterday was a lot of whining and complaining by Lillie and Hansen. Usually they don't attend these games but with Maren in Chicago, they are along for the ride.
See you tomorrow.

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