Monday, July 27, 2009

Mud Mountain Dam, Pool, Maren reading.

Good evening, it is Monday night.

I was going to wait until morning to blog, but we have Kole and Connor over for a sleepover, so I am just hanging out on the computer for a few minutes.

Today we had a very busy day. We went to Mud Mountain Dam with the neighbors. Kind of an annual trip when the weather get very hot. Mud Mountain Dam Park is always a bit cooler than down here, and it is a place that the youngest kids and the oldest kids enjoy. Preston had soccer practice in the early evening, then it was off the the pool for a quick cooling off. Here are some pictures from the day. Some may be out of order, but it is my blog and I don't really feel like moving them around right now! Some days I am very fussy, not today.

I painted Lillie's finger and toe nails in a pattern, pink-black. Two coats on the pink, she was very pleased. She had been asking for a day or two to have me help her with her nails.

Lillie in the car on the way to the swimming pool, loving her new goggles.
Lillie, Hansen, and Preston in the pool at 8:30 pm. The sun was going down, but it was still hot.
The kiddie pool at Mud Mountain Dam. This place was very busy at times.
The big kids cooling off in the kiddie pool, then off for more football or Frisbee.
I took Hansen, Lillie and Kole on the short hike to the lookout point. I like this picture as the sign reads, "Dangerous area, do not go beyond this point." Hansen was a bit nervous, but we kept going...on the path to the lookout area. If Hansen was not freaked enough, we also crossed paths with a snake on the walk back up the path.
Lillie checking out the dam from the lookout point. It is an amazing sight.
Maren does not like to be left out of the fun stuff and her friends are going to think she misses all the great things in life. Well, she opted out of the pool for a little peace and quite...and she needed to catch up on her reading for one of her committees. This is how we found Maren when we got back from the pool. Reading in peace and quiet is really Maren's favorite.
See you in a couple of days.

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