Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mom's new car...and more.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Today we have a break from soccer. Preston's team did not advance to the playoffs yesterday. While we always wish for his team to do it's best, it is kind of nice to have a break. After the game Preston and his friends hung out on his friend's boat at Lake Tapps and had a great time.

Yesterday I got an e-mail from my mom that she bought a new car! Yup, my folks only had one car for the last year, but have decided that it was time to go back to two cars. Here is my mom in front of her 2010 Ford Mustang! Yup, I am kind of jealous...nice car mom!

Here is a Maren sighting...she will feel silly that this picture made the blog, but Lillie won't. Maren and Lillie cleaned Lillie's room, then played dress ups. Here they are parading around the house to show us the fancy outfits.
BBQ at our house last night. Hansen decided to go for a double burger. No problem.
This was from Friday at the soccer tournament. Hansen thought it would look great if he was holding up Mt. Rainier. Mt. Rainier looks amazing on clear hot days. My camera does not do it justice.
Friday night was fireworks night for Covington Days. We have made it to the fireworks show for many years in a row. Just like every year, one of our neighbors got there first and saved us a spot in the front on a blanket. We do have great neighbors. Lillie made it in the front row just until the first explosion, then she was on Maren's and my lap.
Right now I am flipping the channel between the Tour de France and the Open Championship. I would like to see Tom Watson or Lee Westwood with the Open, and Lance leading or within a few seconds of the lead at the end of the day.

See you tomorrow.

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Grandma Slane said...

Wow, Hansen's doing a great job holding up Mt. Rainier! The outfits are cute! And I love my new car - Grandpa Slane keeps hoping I'll want to trade cars with him, but no way!