Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maren's home, Preston's cooking?

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday we picked Maren up from the airport. Instead of riding the escalator up and down a bunch of times while we waited for the plane to unload, we sat in the lower level (under the hanging airplanes) and read tourist brochures. Sure I have lived here most of my whole life, but I actually learned a few things about Auburn and Renton and other tourist traps by glancing at a few brochures. When it was time to head up the escalator to find Maren, Lillie looked up and said, "there is mom!". I said "no", can't be...but it was. Her plane unloaded quickly and Maren and Judy were looking down trying to get our attention. Maren said while she was trying to wave at us, all the folks around us were waving back at her. Funny. Maren is glad to be home, and we are happy to have her home as well.

The kids also got to go over to the Rudolph's house to hang out with friends. These kids all get along very well. The Lillians have always played very well together and Mason is right in between Hansen and Preston and can hang with either just fine. While the kids were there I took Maren's car into Les Schwab for some work on the wheels. When I was doing the 90,000 mile work on the car, I could not get a lug nut to come loose. Turns out they needed to break the lug stud off and replace it. While working they were able to tighten a loose steering rod, the car really drives nice as of last night.

Last night Lillie had gymnastics class. She is trying out a few gymnastics classes as she is thinking of switching from Dance to Gymnastics. Last night we were down in Auburn for an hour and a half class. When we got home Maren had let Preston loose in the kitchen and he had made cookies for his homemade ice cream sandwiches. Yup, Preston has found that OnDemand has all these cooks teaching you how to cook fun things like homemade this and that. He has decided that if soccer does not work out, he will just be a cook. Soccer and cooking??? How can this be my kid?

Today will be a busy day, Maren is back at work, Preston has a visit at the orthodontist (a year and a half a go they wanted to wait and see him again, today is that day), we have a play date at a park to hang out with a few friends (one who is in town who lives in Germany!), soccer practice, and I think that is enough.

See you tomorrow.

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Shannon said...

You never had braces? Are you sure you were raised in the United States?