Monday, July 13, 2009

Great tournament for Synergy. Maren got to see Styx live in concert.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Well, the best soccer tournament Preston's team ever had is now history. His team (Synergy BU 13) won the semi-final match after an amazing finish. A tie game (thanks to a crazy cool header goal that Preston made and a great corner kick his team converted) headed to over time. After overtime the game was still tied. So on to Penalty Kicks. Preston was put in as goalie for the PKs. First he got to take a shot, which he made. Then he went into goal and made three amazing stops. So into the final.

The final game was very close but after a very hard fought game Synergy lost 2-3. What a great tournament. John and Stef were able to make it to the final game and they witnessed a very hard fought game. Preston did score a goal after taking a hard shot to the gut, but in the end second place was quite an accomplishment for this team that never even made it into a semi-final game last tournament season. This team did get a few good players in the off season as well as just growing as a team.

After the game it was off to the awards. We showed up a little late because I did not know of two short cuts to get through Auburn and around traffic, but Preston still got his medal and here is a team photo of the team. Presto is back row 4th from the right (5th from the right if you count the coach).

They then got to do a "silly" photo. It took all of 2 seconds to go from the first picture to the second picture.
Nana and Grandpa surprised Preston with an Eto'o jersey. Eto'o is one of Preston's favorite players on his favorite team, Barcelona.

After the game and awards, it was home for a very good dinner thanks to John and Carol. Lillie had a great time using Auntie Stef as a play toy.

In Maren news, she says her conference is going well and he committees are doing a good job meeting their goals for this conference, the rest is top secret and I am on a "need to know basis", and I don't "need to know". Maren did send me this picture...she and her friend Judy were just walking through Chicago last night after dinner and stumbled upon a free live Styx concert in a park. She called me on the cell phone so I could listen to "Come Sail Away" live and in concert. The sound over the phone was about a revealing as the below pic, but it sounds like Maren is having a great time in Chicago.
See you tomorrow.

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