Thursday, July 09, 2009

Fun with friends.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was a stay at home day for the most part. We had friends over for each of the kids during the day which was great. In the evening Preston had soccer practice and I went for a bike ride around the Lake Youngs Reservoir with my friend Jim.

This first picture is of a couple of Lillians having a great time. These girls were cracking me up. They painted the fingernails on Lillie's Bratz dolls, then painted the fingernails on the rest of Lillie's dolls, then the painted their own fingernails. They were consistently taking breaks to try to sneak gum or candy. They had a turn at the Wii, and ended up playing outside.

Preston had Lily's brother Mason over. No painting fingernails on dolls for these two...they hung out flipping through music videos ondemand, playing Wii, then finally spending plenty of time outside kicking the soccer ball around.
Hansen had his neighbor friend Devin over. They played Hansen's "worst case scenario" game, watched videos with the big boys, the did some Bionicle building.
After I got home from my bike ride and Preston got home from Soccer, Maren made us a very yummy Oreo Cookie flavored ice-cream drink. The kids would not usually be huddled like this, but they are enjoying their treat and watching Wipe Out. Uh, yeah, their mean dad doesn't allow these drinks on the new couch...the kids don't think the couch is new any longer, but it will probably be new for a few more years!
Today I think we will head to Wild Waves for the first time this summer. Season passes were super cheap over the winter, so we need to check in, get our cards, and we don't need to stay too long.
See you tomorrow.

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