Thursday, July 30, 2009

Foss', Nintendo store, staying cool.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

So what would you like to do on the hottest day ever in the PNW? It was probably closer to 110 degrees than 100 degrees at our house yesterday and I posed that question to Hansen and Lillie. Preston was at the lake with Conner and his family and we were going to wait until later to hit the pool. We did go to the pool with Maren for an hour while Preston was at soccer practice. Back to the original question...Hansen knew exactly what he wanted to do, go to Foss' Grocery Store. A friend of his told him it is the best place for candy!?! So that is what we did. This picture is of Lillie and Hansen outside of Foss' in 100 degree weather.
And inside Foss' eating an ice-cream bar. It was still hot.
The day before we went back up to the Nintendo store in Redmond to bring back our Wii for a second time. Our replacement Wii kept freezing and not working correctly, so we got a new one under warranty. Hansen and Lillie enjoyed the Nintendo store, Preston stayed home this time. The next two pictures are of Lillie and Hansen gaming in the Nintendo store.

After the Nintendo store, we took Connor to the pool for the evening. After a couple of hours in the pool, we headed over to McDonald's. The kids had never been so happy to eat in their lives. Here is Lillie and Hansen actually enjoying each other for a moment.
Preston and Connor goofing off at McDonald's. After McDonald's, we went back to the pool for a couple of hours. Lillie found a friend her age and they had a ton of fun while Preston and Connor did crazy jumps off the diving board. Hansen just enjoys being in the water and swimming around.
Today we will be back at the pool again. I actually got the house down to 79 degrees for a few minutes with all the windows open and the fans on full. It is back up to 81 so I am closing it up for the day. The temp are only going to be around 99 degrees today! We're cooling off.
See you tomorrow or the day after.


Amber and Aurora said...

The difference between Seattle and Austin... sure, we've had 2 months of 100 degree weather, but at least we have good A/C units in every house, car, and business establishment!

Julian's Blog said...

yup, Maren said that only 13% of the houses in the area have A/C. We have a little window unit to keep the living room kind of cool. I think I will be buying a bigger A/C one of these days, but I think we survived the worst. The kids have slept downstairs for the last few nights as upstairs is really hot. We have been to the pool every single day since Saturday!

sussah said...

hard to imagine that heat with no a/c, so I'm glad there's at least a little unit for the living room. Back in Miami (at 9020), we used to live with no a/c and we kids were OK, but mother was sweltering. then sometime in the mid-60s there was an a/c unit in the living room but it got so smoky in there with the house closed up. You're lucky to have a nice climate most of the time. I wouldn't like those icy roads in the winter. love, susanna

Grandma Slane said...

I grew up in Florida in the 50s and 60s with houses, schools, and cars that had heaters but not air conditioning. But by the 70s everything was getting A/C and I can definitely say it's better to have it! Coming from Florida to Seattle in 1978, I always thought it was weird that even expensive houses didn't have air conditioning. They said, "You won't need it," but that's like saying you won't need heat in South Florida because it only gets cold a few days a year. Hmph! Well, stay cool!