Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camping, KSTC.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

We have had a whirlwind few days, but good days. We spent a couple of days at Orondo WA at Mark and Susan's cabin on the Columbia river in eastern Washington. Most of the rest of the family camped just down the road at Lincoln Rock State Park. Lillie and Hansen left on Tuesday with John, Carol, Stef, Mel, Jack and Avery. Maren, Preston and I stayed back a couple of days as we went to the Sounder's game and Preston had braces put on. We headed out Thursday morning. Our plan was to stay until Saturday morning, but we ended up coming home late Friday night after dinner and hanging out. Preston and Maren even watched a very competitive soccer game where the players were totally dressed in professional gear at the campsite (we have no idea who they were). Lillie had had enough of the whole sleeping at the campsite (or anywhere but her bed) thing just was not working for her, so we drove home late Friday night. But while we were there we enjoyed some great weather, a very nice pool, and Mel and Court had the boat and gave boat rides to anyone wanting to go skiing or tubing.

I did not take too many pictures as we spent lots of time at the pool and my phone was put away as to not get wet...but I did get this nice picture of Maren and Susan on the deck of Susan's cabin. Susan and Maren enjoyed a walk in the evening while Mark and I hung out with a few of the kids watching a video of Groundhog Day. Saturday I helped Mark hang a microwave oven above the oven. Hopfully he snugs those top screws up just a bit and it stays in place for a long time (Mark and I had both done this before in our own homes, so it went very smoothly...after a good long trip to buy the right parts).

For the last few years we have mulled around the idea of joining the Kent Swim and Tennis Club. They have a very nice facility with a big pool, tennis courts, BBQ areas, play toy, and volleyball area. They also do swim and tennis teams in the spring and early summer. Maren grew up at a local pool hanging out and really likes the feel of the KSTC. The club is an equity club so you have to buy from a member who is selling and the whole thing has kind of kept us away in the past. Yesterday we decided it was actually time, I made a few phone calls, figured out some finances and we joined the KSTC. Last night we were swimming and playing tennis for a couple of hours. Just in time, the weather will be in the mid to high 90's all this week and into next...and do we have air conditioning? Nope, that may be next on the list.

See you soon.


Grandma Slane said...

Congrats - sounds like you'll enjoy the pool and tennis! I remember thinking it was strange that new houses in the Seattle area didn't come with air conditioning and asking why. The answer was always, "You won't need it," but of course you wish you had it for a short time every summer. In Eugene, we had a heat pump, which did both.

I'm still enjoying my new car!

Grandpa and Bernice said...

Oh,you all are going to enjoy going to the pool and tennis. It's great that you joined, and yes, air conditioning is hopefully next on your list - for the short time you need it each summer, go ahead -----
The kids all look great, and Maren looks so peaceful reading. And as usual, we don't very often get to see the Daddy, who is busy taking pictures, etc. etc. Enjoy the summer.