Friday, July 03, 2009

Camp Berachah, hanging out.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Last night was parent dinner and day camper's overnight at Camp Berachah. Lillie decided yesterday that she was just done with Camp Berachah and has no plans to return, but Hansen is having a great time and is kind of wishing he could just go every week. There are plenty of kids who do go every week while their parents work, but that was never our intention. We may find another week for him later this summer, but this may be it as well. This is Hansen with part of his group. They enjoy playing Yugioh card games when they have a little down time.

This is a picture of day campers and councelors. The councelors are in the black shirts in the back row, while all the rest of the kids are day campers. Hansen is in the white shirt at the bottom of the big cross. There are plenty of other camps going on as well, from soccer camps to overnight camps to horse camps.
Preston could be a CIT (councilor in training) next year if he wanted, but I think enjoys making his own pace for his summer. Yesterday he was invited to go to Wild Waves with a couple of school girls, he was also invited to go onto the boat with a different one of his school friends. But in the end he decided to just stay home and goof off with his friend Connor. They ended up riding their bikes up the the stores to buy lunch (soda and candy) and basically goofing off the whole day. Lillie was still a bit under the weather yesterday, so she rested on the couch watching TV the first part of the day, then played outside some of the day as well.

Today we will be buying fireworks after we pick Hansen up from camp. The 4th is always a fun day.

See you tomorrow.

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