Thursday, July 02, 2009

Brickmaster, Nintendo.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday Hansen's Lego Brickmaster came in the mail. Twelve minutes later he was showing this little creation off to anyone who would look, and to anyone who wouldn't. Tonight at camp the parents get to have dinner with the campers, and Hansen gets to spend the night if he wants too. Sounds like he does, but Lillie does not.

Yesterday I made Preston come with me to Nintendo Of America, up in Redmond WA. The little store had actual Mario hats (we had one made for him at a embroidery store one year) and this statue of Mario. Five years ago Preston would have been totally drooling over this stuff, but the little kid inside of him still had a little bit of fun.
Here we are looking for a parking spot in front of the big Nintendo sign. They are building a new building and parking was scarce. We did find a spot, but just barely.
The Wii now works quietly again. Phew. Actually it is a new Wii, with all of our old data transferred to it.
See you tomorrow.

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