Monday, July 06, 2009

Allowance day.

Good morning, it is Monday.

It had been a month...finally, allowance day. Lillie did a double fist pump "yeah!" when she realized it was allowance day. Hansen was very happy as well, but he was a little concerned that he would still need more money. Preston was good with a few new dollars, but he was heading off to a friend's house rather than shopping with us. Preston and his friend ended up riding up to Jamba Juice and ordering "sour patch" Jambas off the "secret menu". The picture below is of Lillie at Fred Meyers sitting on the ground comparing make-up sketch books.

And Lillie at home with her new Make-up Sketch Book/ Kit.
Hansen could not decide between Bionicles or Yugioh cards. He finally chose the Bionicle. The latest Bionicle's have little dials and weapons that you set up a base and play a game where you loose points if you get shot by the other Bionicle. Actually pretty cool to have a game built in to the Bionicle.
Maren is off to work today. Hansen and Lillie have piano lessons around noon. This afternoon Lillie has a friend from school visit for some play time.
See you tomorrow.

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