Monday, June 29, 2009

Zoopa, Maren/Carol shopping.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday we took the kids along with Maren's parents out to Zoopa. We went at the exact same time as a few Sundays ago, and sat at the same table, saw all the same employees, and had an equally fine time. Lillie got to come this time and enjoyed the restaurant very much.
After Zoopa, Maren and her mom went on a Mom/Daughter shopping spree. Lillie was hoping she could come too, but she had to stick with the kids. Sounds like they had a nice time and shopped for all things "smelly-good smelly", and "comfy". Maren came home with a bag of smelly soaps and a bag of clothes. This is a picture of one of her finds: A brand new (store tags still on) Disney Land sweatshirt from Goodwill.
I was originally going to take the kids out for a movie but I could not get a plan together without at least one kid objector, so we just came home. This worked great for Preston as shortly after we got home he was invited with a few friends to go boating at Lake Meridian. And in true Preston style, he and his friend turned a day of boating into an overnight. We will see Preston sometime later this morning.

This morning Hansen and Lillie get to go to Camp Berachach for day camp. They will go this whole week from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Should be a great time for them. I may go hit the driving range, well see.

See you tomorrow.

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Grandma and Grandpa Slane said...

It was nice to see everyone at Zoopa. Cool shopping spree!