Tuesday, June 16, 2009

These shorts don't fit!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night while Preston was at soccer practice, the rest of us headed to V.V. for a quick shorts/tee shirt shopping trip. Hansen was our main concern, but Lillie loves to shop, so you know she will get the best stuff. We have been busy handing down clothes, weeding through items that don't fit, and putting away winter stuff. Hansen and Preston have about the same size waist, but Preston is like a foot and a half taller. So while some shorts fit both, Preston likes his super long and the shirts could never be shared. I have had a couple pairs of shorts from years ago sitting in the bottom of my shorts drawer just hoping I fit them again some day. Well, I am in decent shape for me with all the biking I have been doing and such, but the shorts just don't fit...so I decided to give them to Preston, after all, we wear almost the same size shirts and shoes and he is within about an inch of my height. I had him try them on, and here are the results:

The first picture is me not being able to come close to buttoning these shorts...the second picture is the same exact shorts on Preston. Looks like he is in a "lost half my weight" advertisement. Crazy skinny that kid is!

I really did not expect the shorts to be that too big for Preston. Maybe wear a belt, but this is rediculous. We had a good laugh...me about how thin Preston is, Preston about how not thin I am!
The next picture is a sad picture for Preston. Hansen found a FC Barcelona jersey at V.V. in a youth XL. I told him we would buy it for Preston as it is his very favorite soccer team and if it did not fit, it would be Hansen's. Well, Preston could not even get his arm through. He was laughing it up, but I can tell you that he hates Hansen sporting around a FC Barcelona jersey when it is his favorite team. Preston does not really like Hansen copying his sports or his music, but of course Hansen does!
See you tomorrow.

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Stef said...

This blog made me crack up out loud at my desk. Oh, you silly Flanes!!!