Monday, June 15, 2009

Stef's, haircut, Zoopa, UW bookstore.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Saturday night Lillie got to spend the night at Stef's place. Sounds like she had a wonderful time. New fingernail and toenail polish, plenty of candy, a doll fashion head to work on fancy hairstyles, and of WSU tattoos. After we got home we decided it was time to get Lillie a new haircut. She wanted really short, but still wanted the ability to put in a ponytail. This is how it came out, I think it looks very nice. I took Lillie and Preston for a bike ride in the evening and Lillie did not like the way her shorter hair did not stay behind her ears as well, she said "I wish my hair would stay behind my ears better. But I know, I got what I wanted...hmf"

On the way to pick up Lillie, we decided to go out to lunch at Zoopa. I had never actually eaten there in my life even though I think both my mom and brother worked there at one time. I really did not think the boys would even like it. We purchased meal tickets from a school auction and used the tickets. Anyhow, it was great! Hansen and Preston think it is the best restaurant they have ever been in! We all ate way too much...buffet style. I told them of the time at King's Table back when Amber was Lillie's age and I was Preston's age that Amber had eaten so much that she had to lie down on the floor in the isle "to make room". Preston agreed that if Lillie had been there and lied down on the ground groaning about being too full, that he wouldn't know what to think either.
We stopped by the Husky Store in Bellevue on the way to pick up Lillie. Hansen wanted an advance on all the allowances for the rest of his life! Maren was kind enough to step into the picture as well.
See you tomorrow.


Amber and Aurora said...

I used to love Zoopa! It's true that our mom and brother worked there, and it's true that I didn't used to know when to say when at a buffet. It's also true that you were Preston's age when I was Lillie's age, and I'm sure he can feel your pain... little sisters are embarrassing.

When Aurora and I are in town we might want to eat at Taco Time.

Grandma Slane said...

Wow, Zoopa is still there! Yep, Eric and I worked there when it first opened. The big problem at the time was that people who just wanted a muffin and coffee had to pay for the whole deal and weren't happy about that, and also that people wanted doggie bags to take stuff home and it wasn't allowed. The food was always good, though. The plan was to open a whole chain of Zoopas, but I don't know if that ever happened.

Lillie's haircut looks cute, but I understand how she feels. Every time I get mine cut, I discover reasons why it was better longer, but every time it gets long, I start thinking it might look better shorter. That seems like a nice length.